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Hello and welcome to Agape

Agape is a Greek word for unconditional love. Through loving ourselves, just as we are, without any conditions, we are able to be honest with ourselves and make changes. These changes not only benefit us but because we are all connected, benefit others and the entire world.

I am so grateful to allow Agape into my life as I hold space in Agape for you as well.

About me

I have triggered the healer inside of myself, as I have walked through my own personal journey. It is my passion to help others activate the healer inside of themselves through triggering awareness in love.

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Every one of us has the ability to know and understand ourselves. As we shed the light of awareness on all areas of our lives, we begin to uncover the layers of who we truly are. It is my belief that the best way to pull back the layers and unmask who we truly are, is through Agape.

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“A healer is not someone that you go to for healing.
A healer is someone that triggers within you,
your own ability to heal yourself.”- Unknown

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